COVID19 Notice:

Considering the Governor's statement, the CDC’s advice and the rapidly evolving situation, I wanted to give all club members guidelines and information regarding club activities. Since PMTCC rides generally consist of less than 10 people, they are not banned at this time. However, riding solo or with a small group of friends may be a better choice at this time. We will continue to monitor COVID19.

At this time:

  • I am canceling my weekend rides for two weeks
  • We are canceling ride leader training until further notice
  • We also may likely modify, postpone or even cancel the Big Season Kickoff Rides and BBQ

If you choose to participate in rides please practice "social distancing":

  • Follow CDC guidance and ride in groups of 10 or fewer riders
  • Do not shake hands, hug, or pass around items such as food, cell phones or water bottles
  • Wash your hands with soap and water frequently (if possible, hand sanitizer if not)
  • Add a baggie of disinfecting wipes on your rides
  • The ride leader should sign-in everyone themselves rather than pass around the pen and paper

Use good judgment. Ride Safe!