Ride Waiver I acknowledge that group bicycling carries with it the inherent risk of serious injury, death and property loss from causes which include, but are not limited to, terrain, public infrastructure, temperature, weather, the varying physical condition, abilities, and skills of participants, equipment, vehicular traffic, actions of other people including, but not limited to, […]

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Start your cycling season right with the Philadelphia Major Taylor Spring Training Series. 

The goal is to get in shape for the season. Each week the rides will increase in distance and add more climbs.  During the ride, ride leaders will provide training advice.

Every weekend there will be a stretch ride that will go further and harder than the week before.  The first rides will be at a C+ pace then move to a B pace. No one dropped.  We will regroup as needed especially at the top of climbs.

During the week you are expected to participate in shorter rides or strength training that will improve your climbing.  We will discuss suitable mid week training during the ride.

In March, Spring training will include Hill Repeat Wednesdays.

Rest your legs at least 1 day prior to the ride to ensure your legs are rested.

We have been hard at work getting ready for the season.  If you are a member you can login to the site and see the new "Members Only" tab.


Under the "Members Only" tab you'll find a link to the new Team Store and the code to enter the store (don't share the code with non-members).


Note: There are some cool new items (base layer, gloves, shoe covers, etc.) that we are still finalizing the artwork on.

Membership renewals are due April 1. Use the link below to get a jump on the new year.


The screenshots below illustrate the initial steps to print cue sheets and/or download the Club's routes to your Garmin or Phone.

As a member you can visit the Join the Philly MTCC Ride with GPS Club site and download the routes to your phone for free.  The instructions for joining were emailed to members.

For more detail for your device click the links below:

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