Zwift Hop and Old Skool Roll
Hosted by Philly MTCC
Wednesday, Feb 10, 2021 6:20 pm | 1 hour 10 minutes | (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Meeting number: 132 501 6248
Password: Inthecut (46843288 from phones and video systems)
Agenda: Spinning some hip hop and old skool

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Every Wednesday, Major Taylor Iron Riders will host a web series on Zoom. There will be members from MTIR, Philly MTCC mixed in with members from other Major Taylor clubs across the country to share their expertise and knowledge on a variety of cycling-related topics.

Discussions will range from fitness, nutrition, the Major Taylor youth program in Macon, GA, track racing, and a special session with our new sponsor, Vittoria Tires! Most of the sessions will be live. However, to cover as many topics as possible, some will be pre-recorded and shared so you can view them at your convenience.

Ride Waiver I acknowledge that group bicycling carries with it the inherent risk of serious injury, death and property loss from causes which include, but are not limited to, terrain, public infrastructure, temperature, weather, the varying physical condition, abilities, and skills of participants, equipment, vehicular traffic, actions of other people including, but not limited to, […]

Start your cycling season right with the Philadelphia Major Taylor Spring Training Series. 

The goal is to get in shape for the season. Each week the rides will increase in distance and add more climbs.  During the ride, ride leaders will provide training advice.

Every weekend there will be a stretch ride that will go further and harder than the week before.  The first rides will be at a C+ pace then move to a B pace. No one dropped.  We will regroup as needed especially at the top of climbs.

During the week you are expected to participate in shorter rides or strength training that will improve your climbing.  We will discuss suitable mid week training during the ride.

In March, Spring training will include Hill Repeat Wednesdays.

Rest your legs at least 1 day prior to the ride to ensure your legs are rested.

As part of the 2018 Spring Training Series the Club is adding mid week hill training to our weekend endurance training.  There is nothing like being able to spring up hills and mid-week Hill Repeats are just the ticket.

Doing hill repeats alone can be miserable and lonely but misery loves company so we give you Hill Repeat Wednesdays!

For the most part we will be leaving from Manayank and picking a climb on hill with minimal traffic.  Initially we will spin but later we will do more power climbs.  Keep an eye on the calendar for details.  We will do the repeats at our own pace.

Leave a comment if you have a particular hill you want to try.  The most important criteria is  that there is low traffic or a safe margin on Wednesday evenings.

These will be relatively short rides.  The workouts do not need to be long to meet our objectives.  See below for more on Hill Repeats


  • Get an easy warm-up to the base of the climb
  • Ride to the top of the climb spinning in a high gear (for spinning, power would be a harder gear)
  • Should be a 70 to 75% effort (you should feel tired but not beat)
  • Take the climb at your own pace
  • Repeat as many times as you personally feel necessary
  • Complete all of your repeats before the end time (if you know it will take 10 minutes, don't go back up with 2 minutes remaining)
  • Warm down by spinning easy back to the start
  • Eat for recovery with in 30 minutes of finishing and include protein
  • Rest your legs the next day (you can do an easy recovery ride the next day)

Remember, you don't get stronger from working out. You get stronger by recovering from a work out!

This was not a Major Taylor event but there were 5 Philly MTCC Members on the trip so I thought I would provide a ride report for this EPIC cycling adventure.  It is the most challenging cycling adventure I have ever done... So far.

Use the link below to access the Ride Report with complete ride details.  IT'S WORTH IT!

Dry Riding Death Valley