Beat the Rain Roll


5:45 am - 12:45 pm

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Weekend Club Ride

Center Square Park
Centre Square Park, 1527 Yost Rd
Blue Bell PA 19422

Ride Profile

- Distance: 100
- Pace: B
- Terrain: Hills
- Drop v No Drop: No Drop

Ride Leader

Bill B


It looks like it may rain.  

    • If it rains late in the day we change the route accordingly so we can finish before the rain.
    • Expect the ride will be canceled if a lot of rain is expected early. 
    • Check this site an hour ahead to be certain.  We will try to send emails to registered participants if plans change.


Beautiful, Challenging, and Early!

This will be a solid B ride with quick water and bathroom break opportunities every 20 miles (or so) with a longer lunch stop.  The route features crazy beautiful quiet well-maintained roads.

Be on time!

We will be leaving before the sun/rain is fully up.  Remember any delay means everybody else has to stay in the scorching sun (or drenching rains) longer.  Although this is a no-drop ride, it does not mean we can’t leave without you. So triple up on your alarms!

Keep the Pace

This is a No Drop ride but be prepared to keep the challenging pace of 16+ MPH.  There are climbs throughout the ride and we will wait at the top of climbs, but if you are a C rider this will NOT be the ride to try and go B.  We are trying to get back before it gets too hot. As a courtesy to the group, we may ask riders who clearly cannot keep the B pace to catch an Uber back.  Once again this is a No Drop Ride.  But, it is a solid B-paced ride.

What is a solid B-pace?

    • Flat Roads, you are not expected to pull but you will be expected to hold a  wheel at 21 MPH.  Also, as a courtesy to those behind you please stay within 3 feet of the rider in front of you while keeping a consistent speed and cadence.
    • Climbs, do not wear yourself on hard climbs. We will wait (or soft-peddle).  This is an endurance ride.  Save something for the end.  If you feel like you need a rest at the top, you worked too hard.
    • Rollers, you are not expected to hold a paceline if it is more efficient to use your momentum to roll through at your own speeds.

Bring Food

We are leaving early but it may be HOT!  Bring salt/electrolytes; something concentrated like tablets or Nuun.  Also, the pace will be brisk, so bring pocket food like bars or blocks.  Needless to say but bring 2 large water bottles.  If everyone is good we may choose to skip a water stop for a longer lunch.




Alternate Routes:

Riders who are NOT vaccinated MUST wear masks, per the Social Distancing Rules!

- THIS IS A MEMBER ONLY EVENT Limited Spaces Available!


- Follow all Social Distancing Rules!

Just because some of us are vaccinated, it does not mean we cannot spread the disease!


In addition to the club's standard ride rules and ride waivers, by attending the ride, you understand and agree to the following additional rules:
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Social Distancing Ride Rules

  • Riders not prepared to follow the rules will not be permitted to participate in rides

  • Standard Ride Rules

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