Philly Major Taylor Seagull Party


8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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Non-cycling event - In person

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Yes, we are trying it again.

PHILLYMTCC MEMBERS can come empty-handed.   Everyone else is welcome to come but we ask you to bring your beverage of choice to share and a donation for the DJ.

We will serve refreshments and brew.  DJ Ed Ward will kick it.

Feel free to take videos but be judicious in what you post publicly.

Please partake responsibility.  Know your limits and have responsible transportation.

The event will be held on Sunset Island.  Please park on the island and walk the party.

Take care of each other.   Don’t let anybody drive who is not in a condition to drive.   We don’t want anyone hurt and the police will be thick!



The location will be posted just prior to the event.

The event will be held on Sunset Island in Ocean City, MD.  Please park on the island and walk the party.




Riders who are NOT vaccinated MUST wear masks, per the Social Distancing Rules!

- Follow all Social Distancing Rules!

Just because some of us are vaccinated, it does not mean we cannot spread the disease!


In addition to the club's standard ride rules and ride waivers, by attending the ride, you understand and agree to the following additional rules:
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Social Distancing Ride Rules

  • Riders not prepared to follow the rules will not be permitted to participate in rides

  • Standard Ride Rules

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