We have been hard at work getting ready for the season.  If you are a member you can login to the site and see the new "Members Only" tab.


Under the "Members Only" tab you'll find a link to the new Team Store and the code to enter the store (don't share the code with non-members).


Note: There are some cool new items (base layer, gloves, shoe covers, etc.) that we are still finalizing the artwork on.

Membership renewals are due April 1. Use the link below to get a jump on the new year.


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  1. zman30014
    zman30014 says:

    I’m in Los Angeles and would like to purchase a kit to rep in LA!!
    What is the price of the Kit?
    And orders will start on March 31st correct?

    • BillB
      BillB says:

      You can order anytime after you become a member. Once you join you will see the Members Only sections that will get you into the team store. Thanks for Reping Philly!

    • BillB
      BillB says:

      There is a basic kit that is about $120 for jersey and bibs. The premium kit is twice that. Once you join, you can get full access to the Team Store through the Members Only tab on our site.

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