Ride Leader Meeting / Training – April 8, 10 am


Refreshments will be served.

Ride Leaders, Please Please Please make your best effort to attend.

Ride Leaders are the back bone of Philly MTCC. We depend on consistent, available, fun and interesting rides and solid ride leaders.

10am - 12pm: Ride Leader Meeting for ALL Ride Leaders and want to be Ride Leaders

12pm - 2pm: Ride Leader Training for want-to-be Ride Leaders only

This is a two part meeting. The first part is for all ride leaders and want to be ride leaders. The second part is ride leader training for those who want to be ride leaders. Trained ride leaders are not required to attend training again.


Ride Leader Meeting:

This year we want to take it up a notch.  Last year we offered consistent B & C rides this year we want to add A and D options in more locations throughout the region.  We want to make our rides more fun and keep them safe.  We have a several strategies an tools we would like to share with you that will keep it easy and fun for ride leaders too.  We also want your ideas to keep Philly MTCC Rolling.

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