Ride Policy & Procedures

Ride Policy & Procedures

MTCC Philly’s No Discrimination Policy


Our Club offers a range of rides suitable for novice riders, experienced riders, racers, and those in between. Rides are open to all members who are willing and able to participate safely and cooperatively. To know if ride is for you, ride descriptions will contain information on the start time, location, average speed, max speed on flats, terrain, distance, and a way to contact the Ride Leader(s).  Descriptions may also offer information on planned stops, or details about special equipment needed (lights for night rides) or suggested gearing. Most of our listings are for road rides, but we also offer several rides for mountain bikers.  In addition to adhering to the ride rules, please also see the ride ratings to help you gauge your ride experience.  We practice a no rider left behind policy.  A ride sweep, if available, may offer assistance to riders not on the pace.  For difficult rides, please make sure you are up to the challenge.

Riders who do not follow the MTCCP ride rules, may be asked to leave a ride.


  •  An industry standard helmet is required on all club rides
  • Obey all traffic laws, single/double file as appropriate to the roadway/traffic conditions.
  • Observe proper cycling etiquette and be courteous to fellow cyclists
  • Acknowledge road hazards by pointing hazards out to the rider behind you or calling out the hazard.
  • Conduct yourself in a positive manner while wearing the MTCC Philly Kit, participating in an MTCC sponsored event, or riding in the company of other riders wearing the MTCC Philly Kit.
  • Earphones are not permitted during club rides
  • Arrive 15 minutes early and be prepared to leave at the time started
  • Make sure your bike is in proper working order before you arrive.  Carry a spare tube, patch kit, pump, water bottle, and id (emergency information).
  • Sign the ride sheet/waiver and list an emergency phone number
  • If you ride ahead of the ride leader you are on your own
  • As a courtesy to others, please make sure you can maintain the defined ride pace.
  • We practice a no rider left behind policy on all rides except drop rides.  You must notify the ride leader when leaving the group

Ride Cancellation

On inclement weather days, ride leaders will make their best attempt to post ride cancellations at least 1 hour before the start of the ride.  The ride cancellations will be posted on the Club's ride calendar, email list serv, and social media (if applicable).


MTCC Philly Ride Rating System 

Ride descriptions tell the story of what to expect on a particular ride including start time, location, pace, terrain, and mileage. As not all cycling clubs use the same rating system, please familiarize yourself with the MTCC Philly ride rating system below. 

Code     Average Speed
DD     Less than 10 MPH. Very slow – Appropriate for families with children
D     10 – 12 mph Leisurely – An easy pace that allows riders to chat while riding. Regroups usually after a hard hill or just before a route change
C     13 – 14 mph Good riders – Social pace. Waits for slower riders. Regroups.
B     14.5 – 16 mph Experienced riders with an average speed of 18 mph on flats
B+     16.5 – 18 mph Average speed on flats 20 mph
A     18 + mph Race pace – Average speed on flats >23 mph
Code Terrain
1 Flat
2 Occasional Hill
3 Rolling Hills
4 Hard Hills
5 Very Challenging