Longest Day Philly Beach Roll


4:00 am - 9:00 pm


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Art Museum - Italian Fountain
Waterworks Dr, Philadelphia, PA, 19130

Event Type

Ride Profile

Ride Leader: - Bill B
Distance: - 200, 155, 55, 42 or 32
Pace: - B
Terrain: - Flat
Drop / No Drop: - No Drop


Extreme Distance Ride

Go long or stay home

This is a very long and flat ride from Philly to NJ beaches (Ocean City, Sea Isle City), and back.  I love these extreme challenges.  Normally, I would participate in the NJ Longest Day Event that occurs this weekend.  However, the logistics challenges of getting to the start and home from the finish locations are extremely difficult without a dedicated personal SAG willing to work for 3 days.  So I decided to make my own Double Century with convenient start/end locations for our club members.

Shorter Beach Routes Added!

I added shorter routes that start and end in South Jersey for anyone wishing to support us.  The rides feature Lunch on the bay at Crabby Jacks*, quick beach stops at the Ocean City and Sea Isle City*, and an Ice Cream stop* (except for the 32-mile Beach Roll route). We hope the shorter route participants would volunteer to support the long route participants by driving the route home back to Philly and checking in to see if we need help (water, food, or pick up of an exhausted cyclist).

* Note: the stops have strict time limits to ensure the long routes get back on time. See the Key Time Milestones below for details.


Please do not register for the Long Routes if you haven’t done a couple of century rides already this season and feel like you are in good form.

We must keep a decent pace with reasonable stops to make it back before it gets dark (See Key Milestones, below).  This is a challenging ride that takes advantage of the summer solstice. Currently, this ride does not include a SAG.  So if you have a serious mechanical or you are unable to sustain the required pace, it could mean an expensive Uber back to Philly (0r, at least to the next rest stop if you feel you can continue.  We will not leave you but will insist that you call for transport if it looks like you cannot finish timely.  If we get a SAG, then the SAG could pick riders up or drive the rider ahead to the next rest stop.

Short Ride Alternatives:

If you want to do a shorter ride here are some options:

  • See short ride options below.
  • If your family is already down the shore you can ride down from Philly to meet them.
Want to volunteer as a SAG?
  • Consider riding one of the short routes and SAG the long group into Philly
  • If you know someone who is not riding and would volunteer as a SAG, the riders could chip in $ to support expenses and some pocket $.  We would only really need the SAG on the 2nd half of the ride to support anyone who is struggling.

Please call the ride leader to coordinate any of these options.  Please give a couple of days’ notice.


Long Route Success Guidelines (PLEASE READ):


    • Make sure your bike is in top condition
    • Check your tire for wear and cuts.  Replace with new tires if there is any doubt.
    • Begin hydrating the day before
    • Prep the day before with a good night’s sleep
    • If you can eat a good breakfast before the ride, do it
    • Pack salt supplements (tablets, Nuun, etc.)
    • Bring a fully charged headlight (as well a tail light)
    • Consider bringing a portable charger (and cables)
    • Apply Sunscreen
    • Apply Chamois Cream

During the Ride

    • Start on time!  This is critical for our success!
    • Ride at a pace to meet or exceed the Milestones below
    • Don’t go too hard on the first half of the ride, unless you have to make the milestones (you will pay for it later)
    • Short Rest Stops (bathroom, drink, food & Out!) we can talk on the road
    • We will have longer stops at the beach.  (those are the pictures that matter)
    • Keep eating and drinking. Don’t wait until you are hungry or thirsty.
    • Take salt supplements at the start and every 40 -50 miles.  More if it is hot

Route Options

Long Routes:

    • Center Square Park Start- 200-mile (Arrive at 3:45 AM for 4:00 AM start)
    • Art Musem Start – 155-mile (Arrive at 5:15 AM for 5:30 start)

Short Routes:

Short Route Notes:

      1. Since most of the riding will be through the beach area the average pace should be slower than B.
      2. The long route riders cannot wait for any delays from the short routes. 
      3. Ride Leaders may not be available for the return part of the routes.

The GPX Routes and Cue sheet link for all routes.


Key Time Milestones (Long Routes):

All Riders must be at or ahead of the milestones shaded in green. below. We need to leave the stops by the green-shaded “Leave by” times below.

Plan for an Uber or SAG if you have trouble keeping up.



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